Sagay City – Balik Sinigayan 2010

I have created this space for those Sagaynon’s who wish to express interest in attending the Balik Sinigayan 2010 as per Mayor Alfredo Maranon’s invite found in Sagay City website. Ms Elsa bautista-Olsen commented on my entry re Sagay about registering through this website. Her comments as below.

Hi Sagaynons, I just want to remind you that we are invited by Mayor Maranon to attend the Balik Sinigayan 2010 0n March 16-19. We are on our 10th year as a city.
Please keep this date for our vacation so we will be together. This is an international
affair… from Bacolod Sagaynons to all over the world. So exciting. Kindly bring your family and register through this website. Kenneth, could you help me with the page so that I may know who will register. I will call you soon. Tita Elsa

Comment by Elsa Bautista-Olsen — November 11, 2009 #

Please leave your name and/or any contact details in the comment section and I will forward them to Ms Olsen or to Sagay City website administrator Kenneth Rivera.

Thank you.


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  1. Hello! to all my beloved sagaynon. I always miss sagay and even though i left sagay city 9 years ago, there is always one place that reminds me of my DAD, and as well my college life in NONESCOST. To all my favorite teachers in NONESCOST and SNHS, greetings to all of you from me and my family here in Denmark.
    hope to visit SAGAY and hoping there would be better progress in that city.

    Karen tan Rønne

  2. hello 2 ol sagaynon’s…invited u 2 come and enjoy our 2011 sinigayan fiestival.hope we will enjoy.lets party….!…from me and NONESCOSTiance…..

  3. Hello to all Sagaynons,
    March 17, is our “Balik Sagay” which is yearly celebration. I need you all to come
    and enjoy the day with activities that will be memorable in your life. Meet friends
    and families, early morning walk, luncheon with the city officials, tour around Sagay,
    humanitarian mission, spiritual services, dancing through the nite and etc.
    Please give your idea so we can add it to our program. We have facebook that you
    can see pictures, history and invite and comments which we call Balik Sagay.
    Email me at for more info.
    Love you all,
    Elsa Bautista Olsen

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