Revisiting Sagay

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Recently, I had the opportunity to go back to Sagay to visit my family. It was just a quick visit as I can not have a longer leave from work. We originally planned to travel to Singapore and Thailand but I changed my mind and went back to the Philippines instead.

I stayed in Sagay for only a few days and sadly, I didn’t have the chance to see the improvements of the whole city. The old market is now improved and is called Sagay Market Mall, if my memory serves me right. There is a Lopue’s Value Store just a short walk from the new public market.

I checked out the new Villa Salvacion subdivision and inquired of their house prices. I like the location of Villa Salvacion as it is not far from the market, bus terminal and everything else.

The only chance I had was a quick stroll to the city plaza where the steam train Siete is on display. I took a few shots but as it was dark (at night), the pictures didn’t really turn out well, as shown.


Siete - on display at Sagay City Plaza. the boy is my nephew, J-Boy

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Philippine Places: Sagay City

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I would like to help spread word about the Philippines and I’ll start with the place where I grew up, Sagay City. Not to be confused with Sagay in the island province of Camiguin, Sagay City is in the northenmost tip of Negros Occidental, about 84 kms or two hours travel by land from the province’s capital city, Bacolod.

sigayshells.jpgSagay got its name from sigay, a semi-spherical shell abundant in the town’s shores.

From a municipality, Sagay became a city in June 1996. Then President Fidel V. Ramos formally proclaimed Sagay the seventh city of Negros Occidental, citing it as an excellent example for other striving communities.

So much has changed since I left Sagay in 1986. I lived with my bro and his family in college and would only go back to Sagay once in a while. I was assigned in Manila for my school’s compulsary industry exposure (OJT) and since then have lived in Manila until I moved to Melbourne. It wasn’t financially practical to visit go home every so often. I may have seen a lot of the Philippines but mostly they were gratis as I have mentioned in this post.

From a third class municipality, Sagay is now a second class city. The unwavering and relentless efforts of it’s local officials has made the city what it is today.


sagay-underwater.jpgSagay now is home to a 32,000 hectare marine reserve that includes Carbin Reef, Panal Reef, Maca Reef and Maca Shoal. There is also BalayKauswagan, (read: House of Progress) an ideal venue for seminars, skills training, art exhibits, trade fairs, wedding receptions and even a place to stay when you’re in the area.

steam-train.jpgsinigayan-festival.jpgOther points of interest includes the City Garden and the Living Tree Museum, Museo sang Bata (Children’s Museum) sa Negros, Vito Church which was built in the 1800’s and the biggest annual event in the city, the Sinigayan Festival.

A steam train, called the Legendary Siete is in display a the city plaza. Colin Garratt, author of the book, Iron Dinosaurs considered Siete as the “world’s most incredible steam survivor” and even proclaiming her a ‘portrait of a dinosaur’ at the date his book was published in 1976.

A travel article at Inquirer.Net recently featured Sagay. That article also appeared blog.


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Old time friends, Alumni Homecoming and my hometown Sagay

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I have been busy lately catching up with old time high school classmates and friends. On the day of the Melbourne shooting incident, I met up with one of my closest friends in my first year high school. She now lives in Perth and was here in Melbourne on holidays (with hubby on a business trip) for a few days. It has been over 25 years since we last saw each other. I took her to a Chinese restaurant at the Docklands for lunch and we talked and talked and talked for hours. Di matapos-tapos and balitaan at kumustahan. Later we went back to the Grand Hyatt where they were staying and continued our chit-chats at the hotel’s Club Lounge where we were joined by our hubbies. We parted ways at around twelve midnight. Gee we can talk.

Online, another classmate has touched base with me via yahoo messenger. She has been updating me of the whereabouts of our other schoolmates and the upcoming General Alumni Homecoming (held every five years) of our beloved alma mater, Sagay National High School. It’s still about ten months away but hey, I’m counting the days now. The first and last homecoming I have attended was in 1998 but I didn’t last until the night. I got drunk early. I used to be a piss-head. 🙂

I am looking forward to this one. I promised myself I won’t get drunk quickly. Bwahahaha! Not that I can drink a lot now anyway. Kulang na sa praktis. Besides, Shane would be with me so I would have to look after him as it will be his first time to visit my hometown, Sagay City.

Speaking of Sagay City, I am very proud of my birthplace. It has come a long way since becoming a city in 1996. The Sinigayan Festival, which has been merged with the celebration of the annual fiesta is one colorful event that has attracted thousand of visitors, domestic and foreign.

More about Sagay in my next post…

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