Aussie Bush

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Australia is this year’s host for the APEC Summit. In line with this, The Age has come up with an interactive cartoon to dress up American President George Bush the Aussie way.

Here is my Aussie version of Bush.

George Bush with an Aussie make-over. ;-)

My hopes for the 2007 Philippine Election

May 14, 2007 at 12:24 pm | Posted in All, Filipino, Philippines, Politics | 10 Comments

As Filipinos flock to the polling centers today to cast their vote for senators and local government officials,

I hope and pray

1. that Filipinos will vote wisely.

2. that this election will be a clean, honest and most importantly a peaceful one.

3. that Filipinos have learned from the past.

4. that they would not vote for movie stars (ie; Richard Gomez, Cesar Montano and the likes) They can act yes, but can they lead a country? We need REAL not REEL leaders.

5. that Filipinos will not accept bribes from candidates.

6. that candidates will not buy their way in.

7. that candidates will NOT cheat. Remember Hello, Garci?

8. that the voices of the youth will be heard.

9. that this election will bring a POSITIVE change to the Philippines.

10. that whoever wins will serve the COUNTRY and not THEMSELVES.

Here’s hoping.

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