Jelena Dokic – she’s baaaaaack!

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Australian Tennis Open at Melbourne Park is currently on its 3rd round. I’ve just watched (on tv) the match between Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki, the 11th seed and Australia’s  Jelena Dokic where  Dokic  won  3-6, 6-1, 6-2.

Yes! Australia’s prodigal daughter is back. After a falling out with tennis Australia and leaving the country in 2001, Dokic is back and the whole nation is embracing her. She may have been branded a persona non-grata back then but all is forgiven now. The crowd at Rod Laver Arena in her last two matches were very supportive of her.

Full match report can be read here.

Hopefully she will go on to win more matches and improve her world ranking. Good luck to her.

Spring has sprung

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spring has sprung

and that means

goodbye coats, hello spaghetti straps

goodbye soups, hello fresh salads

goodbye boots, hello thongs

goodbye skivies, hello tank tops

But I say spring calls not only for change of fashion and food choices. It also is an opportunity to come out of inactivity brought about by winter. It is a time to rise and shine. Being a pre-cursor to summer, it is the best time to start losing pounds and be ready to show fab abs and not flabs.

With noticeably longer and warmer days, it would be much easier to stay outdoors.Makybe Diva - the first thoroughbred to win the Melbourne Cup three times - in 2003, 2004 & 2005. Time to take out the barbie and gather all friends and rellies.

And oh, spring is also the season of big events around Melbourne. There’s the Royal Melbourne Show, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and best of all, the Aussie Rules Footy Finals and Spring Racing Carnival which includes the Melbourne Cup – the celebration that stops the nation.

But with the equine flu outbreak, I hope the spring racing wouldn’t be affected as much.

For more Melbourne spring events, check out this sites : Visit Melbourne & That’s Melbourne.

Or better yet, just come visit this beautiful cosmopolitan city.

See you here?

*Makybe Diva photo stolen from NSWROA.

Creepy crawly and phone voyeur

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I hate spiders. I’m scared of them. One night we almost walked into a BIG garden orb weaver in our driveway. I nearly fainted.

Australia is home to a lot of spider species, the most dangerous being the Redback and Sydney Funnel web. Daddy long legs are a common sight in our house. They seem to like the corners.

The news below gave me the creeps while reading it. I had goose bumps all over.

From The Age

Flood triggers spider explosion

It’s every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare: millions of spiders on the move, blanketing everything in cobwebs.

The Gippsland flooding has triggered a spider population explosion of up to 30 species, which have taken to the air in the search for new homes.

Spiders on the move set up camp beside the road near Sale. Photo by Joe Armao

Australia’s leading “spider man”, the senior curator of spiders at Queensland Museum, Robert Raven, said the phenomenon was triggered by recent heavy rain, after the drought had postponed hatchings.

Arachnids from up to five families, including money spiders, wolf spiders, water spiders, crab spiders and orb-weaving spiders are in a spin, producing silk, which catches the breeze and lifts them into the air.

“They are remarkable animals and they can get up into the stratosphere higher than planes,” Dr Raven said. But when the air gets heavy, the web drops and they fall to the ground, covering everything in sight.

“After floods you’ll also get things like scorpions and centipedes that will float on the water and then get into houses.”

One Licola resident returned home to find six snakes had taken up residence inside.

– – – – –

This other news gave me the creeps too. I had a similar experience at work recently. Our office is next to a government linked employment agency where there are a lot of weird and strange looking jobless persons who come and go. The toilet is at the farthest left end of the T-shaped hallway. When I went inside, the middle cubicle (there are three) is being used. I went into cubicle farthest to the door. Not long after I was there, I saw a hand from the middle cubicle with a mobile phone slowly aiming the camera to my direction. The hand was huge so I was sure it was a man’s. I dunked a bit and was shocked to see a pair of men’s working boots. I suddenly forgot the reason for my trip to the loo. I hurriedly ran out and reported the incident to the office. It took a bit of threatening before the man got out of the toilet. I should have called the police then but I was too shocked and scared that I wasn’t thinking straight.

Phone voyeur charged over shower films
July 16, 2007 – 6:34AM

A 24-year-old man has been charged with secretly filming a woman showering in her apartment on Sydney’s northern beaches, police say.

The 25-year-old woman told police she noticed a mobile phone on her bathroom window sill with its video camera running as she took a shower in her Dee Why apartment yesterday afternoon.

Police allegedly found other video clips on the phone of the same woman dressing and showering.

The 24-year-old Forestville man, known to the woman, was arrested and charged with two counts of filming for indecent purposes and two counts of installing a device to film for indecent purposes.

Police have seized his computer and a digital camera for forensic analysis.

The man was granted conditional bail to appear in Manly Local Court on August 8.


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Old time friends, Alumni Homecoming and my hometown Sagay

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I have been busy lately catching up with old time high school classmates and friends. On the day of the Melbourne shooting incident, I met up with one of my closest friends in my first year high school. She now lives in Perth and was here in Melbourne on holidays (with hubby on a business trip) for a few days. It has been over 25 years since we last saw each other. I took her to a Chinese restaurant at the Docklands for lunch and we talked and talked and talked for hours. Di matapos-tapos and balitaan at kumustahan. Later we went back to the Grand Hyatt where they were staying and continued our chit-chats at the hotel’s Club Lounge where we were joined by our hubbies. We parted ways at around twelve midnight. Gee we can talk.

Online, another classmate has touched base with me via yahoo messenger. She has been updating me of the whereabouts of our other schoolmates and the upcoming General Alumni Homecoming (held every five years) of our beloved alma mater, Sagay National High School. It’s still about ten months away but hey, I’m counting the days now. The first and last homecoming I have attended was in 1998 but I didn’t last until the night. I got drunk early. I used to be a piss-head. 🙂

I am looking forward to this one. I promised myself I won’t get drunk quickly. Bwahahaha! Not that I can drink a lot now anyway. Kulang na sa praktis. Besides, Shane would be with me so I would have to look after him as it will be his first time to visit my hometown, Sagay City.

Speaking of Sagay City, I am very proud of my birthplace. It has come a long way since becoming a city in 1996. The Sinigayan Festival, which has been merged with the celebration of the annual fiesta is one colorful event that has attracted thousand of visitors, domestic and foreign.

More about Sagay in my next post…

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