Endometrial hyperplasia? I hope not.

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I went back to my gynaecologist today for my post-op consultation. I had undergone hysteroscopy + D & C (Dilation and Curettage) six weeks ago to correct abnormal menstrual problems. There was supposed to be a polypectomy too but the doctors didn’t find the polyp as was reported in my pelvic ultrasound.

The biopsy report came back negative and so was my pap test. That sounded good. But the report suggested a thickening of the endometrium verging on hyperplasia. I have never heard of that medical jargon before so I didn’t know what to make of it.

Basically, as the doctor explained, (endometrial) hyperplasia is the thickening endometrium, the lining of the uterus. The endometrium is an unusual tissue with a definite structure and function, which for much of a woman’s life, her body sloughs off most of it monthly through menstruation, and then rebuilds it again. This sloughing and rebuilding is regulated by the hormones of the menstrual cycle, mainly estrogen and progesterone.

I told my doctor I was on the fifth day of my period on the day of the operation but haven’t had it back since, except for some spotting two weeks ago. That means, the tissue build-up is not being shed off. She assured me there is nothing to worry about as periods do not come back to normal straight away after a D & C. She told me to wait up to three months and come back if my period is still not normal. She’ll then give me something to ‘force’ my period to come. It used to annoy me when I have my period but now, I just want it to be back to normal.

Also, even though the biopsy report showed no evidence of hyperplasia, the doctor still recommended another pelvic ultrasound in six months to re-check for evidence.

Googling hyperplasia returned a lot of confusing if not worrying results. Some say it is a benign condition, others say it is pre-cancerous. Scary stuff.

Health woes and Queensland holidays

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Apologies to all who have visited this site, both intentionally and unintentionally, for the last few weeks and kept seeing the same old entry. Thank you fellas for giving me a minute of your web time.

Pardon my being a slack-ass. I have not been really feeling good health-wise.

A couple of weeks before leaving for Queensland I had been racked with dental problems. The gums around my lower wisdom teeth were swelling like some pregnant bull frog. At first, I can’t be fagged but finally had a gutful of the annoying pain and forced myself to see a gum digger, that is a dentist for non-Aussies. Turned out, my wisdom teeth are impacted and still pushing their way out of my already infected gums. I was prescribed some antibiotics and had to have a full mouth x-ray and come back for some more tests. After several out-of-pocket dollars, I was told I needed two tooth fillings but before that the teeth that needed fillings need to be x-rayed first. That is another two rounds of x-ray at $40 each. The fillings cost $130 each. I’d be spending just under $500 for cleaning and fillings. Bloody hell, dental care in Australia is way too expensive. Made me sicker! No wonder, a lot of people go to the Philippines (and other SE Asian countries) for major dental works. Dental pain is a royal pain in the ass pocket for those who do not have private health insurance with dental coverage.

The pain, the pain. How on earth these teeth have come to be called wisdom teeth when one loses whatever wisdom one has when they grow?

And that’s just the start. I have also been suffering from prolonged period. It just wouldn’t stop. Not until I went to the quack and have been prescribed Primolut-N to fully stop it. I couldn’t care less if this drug made me wobbly in the first 24 hours.It did its job, that’s what matters.

From antibiotics to hormonal drugs. Ha! I have never been so dependent on drugs in my life. Yeah, I’m a druggie now. Give me that ice!

This bout of prolonged period may have been the effect of stopping the BC pills. I was on the pills for years that when I decided to stop it, my monthly visits went haywire. So those claims that the pills has no side effects are NOT true at all. Beware.

Notwithstanding these health woes, we still pushed through with the holidays in Queensland. We have to anyway, because Shane has to be there for his hockey tournament. The trip was fruitful for Shane and the Victorian Hockey Team as a whole. Victoria dominated and won in 9 out of 10 divisions.

Victoria have asserted their dominance with wins in nine of the ten divisions 11’s, 13’s, 15’s,18’s, 21’s, Senior Mens, Masters & Senior Womens Division. Only the new Veterans division deprived them of a rare clean sweep, which they lost in the final to Queensland.

More about the trip in the next entry. Will post photos too.

In these days, is it worth it being a Good Samaritan?

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The shooting incident in Melbourne CBD on Monday the 18th has prompted a lot people to ask if it is worth it being a Good Samaritan.

One person died and two more were injured after being shot when they tried stopping a man attacking a woman. The gunman who is still at large has been named since.

So where does one draw the line in helping others? What I mean by others here is that people you do not know.

In situations such as this, where a man is hurting a woman, would you think twice about helping her? Being a woman myself, I don’t think I can would even try to stop a man trying to hurt someone. I’d rather call the police. When one is angry or stressed, one does not think rationally and can be very capable of doing stupid things.

According to Better Health

Anger is a powerful emotion. If it isn’t handled appropriately, it may have destructive results. Uncontrolled anger can lead to arguments, physical fights, physical abuse, assault and self-harm. On the other hand, well managed anger can be a useful emotion that motivates you to make positive changes.

Anger triggers the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. Other emotions that trigger this response include fear, excitement and anxiety. The adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. The brain shunts blood away from the gut and towards the muscles, in preparation for physical exertion. Heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increase, the body temperature rises and the skin perspires. The mind is sharpened and focused.

We all know that adrenalin rush can do wonders to the physical and mental strength of a person.

But I digress. I happened to be listening to Light 89.9 FM on my way to work the next day of the unfortunate incident. The hosts were taking calls from listeners and airing their views on helping others and being a Good Samaritan. Some say they would still help but they will have to size up the situation first. Others say, just call the police which I think is the right thing to do. Clearly, people’s views have been somehow influenced by this sad event.

If being a Good Samaritan would put me and my loved one’s life at risk, I’d rather shut up and let authorities handle the situation.

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Headache, anyone?

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I haven’t been feeling really good lately. I was up to my neck with work until yesterday. Well, now there are still two instruments waiting to be done and I don’t feel like moving. I just want to sit here in my desk and stare at the computer all day. I have a lingering headeache. I had to repair and calibrate an old telecom test instrument which had an intermittent fault. Bangungot (nightmare)that is how we termed a fault when it is very hard to fix, back when I was working in a GE wireless phone manufacturing in the Philippines. *Sigh* hirap talaga kumita ng pera. Glad it’s all done now.

Another reason for my headache is lack of sleep. Shane is bloody snoring! It’s loud enough to wake me up and when that happens I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep right away. During the day, I would feel tired and sluggish, will have headache and can’t think clearly. I am falling aleep even now as I am writing this. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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