2008 – my year that was

January 5, 2009 at 1:05 pm | Posted in All, Blogging, Life et al | 1 Comment

Oh boy, how long has it been?
Too long a time since my last post was seen
I have been slack in updating this blog
As slack as one can be when Melbourne’s in fog

Six months? What have I been up to?
Quit my job of four years to start anew
Had a two-week break, t’was all I needed
To get away from it all, and feel rejuvenated

Began my new job on the 1st of July
Remember everyone’s name, I thought I should try
At first, work load was overwhelming
“Take it easy”, I was told, “you are still learning”

I still learn now as I go
The range of instruments is too diverse in a short time to know
Each day is different, it’s ever challenging
New stuff to learn, it’s never boring

The work I do, I actually enjoy
Happy with my boss too, whose name is Ploy
The eight-hour days don’t seem that long
I feel this company, is where I belong

Enough of work talk, let me move on
Though there is not much really, on the home front
Same ole, same ole is what they say
Not much happenings, not much hooray

I thought 2008 was a year of boom
Then came the credit crunch, the world’s in gloom
US carmakers crashed, while some banks folded
Stockmarket plunged, downward we were all headed

US Government came to the rescue via some bail-outs
It might have helped but don’t we all still have doubts?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative
It is the reality of our world today, let’s not be naive

While Kevin Rudd guaranteed all Australian bank deposits
Some business survived, some called it quits
Job cuts here, reduced work hours there
Everyone was affected, nothing was as-you-were

Christmas and new year was spent with family
Lots of laughs, lots of cheers, days went by merrily
Had too much to drink, when red wine kept flowing
Did not heed the warning, I ended up chucking

Golf is always a part of our holidays
It is the craze, not just a passing phase
I may not be good at it, but I will keep trying
I have improved my swing, will do more with putting

Once, my ball went in the bush beside a tree
Tried my darnedest to get it back to the fairway
On the follow through swing I hit the tree trunk
Broke my No. 6 Callaway, my game stunk

Holidays are over, now I’m back to work
Load is light, not much in the lurk
A bit quiet as everyone’s not back yet
Might take another week  ’til we all get back to it

Before I end this post and hit publish
A good year for everyone, is all I wish
Look forward positive to what lies ahead
The call to frugal living, let us all heed.

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  1. nice comeback post! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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