Philippine Places: Lakawon Island

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Another hidden treasure of the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines is the Lakawon Island. This one is very special to me.

Lakawon is a 15-hectare banana shaped island about 3 kms off Cadiz City. The island is not very popular among Pinoys outside the province. Even I only came to know about it when I asked my sister-in-law of places to go when Shane would come to the Philippines for the first time. That was in 2003.


lakawon-island-resort-beach-part.jpgLakawon has a gorgeous white beach (that can rival that of Boracay) consisting of coarse corals. It is also covered with palm trees and in some parts dense bushes.

The island has a resort managed by the family-owner. Unlike Boracay, Lakawon Island Resort is UNcommercialised and the owner wants it just that. If you want peace and quiet in your holidays, this is where you go. If you want glamour and parties at night, you go to Boracay.

In 2003, there were only a few cottages, air con and non-aircon. lakawon-island-resort-front-view.jpgThere was not much activities to do in the island except swimming and some related water activities (like banana boating and lakawon-island-resort-back-part-of-island.jpgwind-surfing). There’s not much recreational facilities. The resort is purely for unwinding and relaxation. The rooms have no TV sets and radios. No electricity during the day. A generator provides power in the nights which starts at dusk and turns off at daybreak. Incidentally, we have perfect mobile phone reception so we still have communications outside the island. The island is not too far away from the mainland that cellsite coverage still reaches it. Note that it has been almost five years since our trip there so this may have changed now.

Getting there : The access to the island is via Barangay Cadiz Viejo. A motor boat owned by the resort usually takes visitors to the island. The ride is about 30 minutes.

From Bacolod City, travel by private car will take just over an hour. There are also buses plying the Northern Negros which stops at Cadiz Viejo.

So why is this place very special to me? Because this is where Shane kneeled (while I was yelling at him for immersing his fresh shorts in the water) and popped the question, “Will you kill marry me?” 🙂

For more photos of the island, check out this blog here and here. I will post more pics once I get a chance to scan some photos. I’m a slacker at the moment.

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  1. lakawon island is a great island, clean and so peaceful…

  2. I really find it ironic that I haven’t explored Lakawon Island that I grew up in Cadiz City. I’ve been to a lot of places in the country but haven’t glanced the beauty of my own City.
    I am thankful of this page because it awakens my senses. I can’t wait to go home and visit Lakawon Island..

  3. hi,

    me and my family are planning a getaway vacation this week and i think this place hits the spot for me….we’ll check it out.thanks for the info……MABUHAY PHILIPPINES!!!!

  4. Hi

    My family and i just visited there in December and totally agree it is a beautiful and peaceful island. Would definitely recommend it 🙂

  5. This is one of the best beaches that I have been to. Different appeal from boracay. Lots n lots of sand bars. Still un commercialized which makes it very very peaceful and serene. Perfect for relaxation n romantic getaway or with barkadas as well. Lots of starfish too. My only regret is spending only a night there. Will be coming back for sure.

  6. hi, dont they have any contact numbers?or email that we could inqquire about the prices there?hehe =)

  7. i found these number on someone’s blog. try them.

    Phone: +(63) 34 433-0808 / +(63) 34 434-7737

  8. lakawon is a lovely place I want to visit it again next time…

  9. i just visit it last april 9 2011
    there are beautiful shells and lots of star fish

  10. I would like to go this place on february. i would like to know is there any rooms available for the overnight stay and how far it takes from bacolod city..

  11. i would like to know if there are beach resorts to choose from?
    any contact number pls, thanks

  12. i have been there, no beaches to choose from, 1 resort only but really beautiful, such a gift from God, small white sand island:)

  13. Lakawon, is a beautiful place, white sand beach. I went there long time ago and wish to visit again hopefully someday. The people were nice and I think I’d stay for a night, just to hear the waves and have some fresh seafood for the night.

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    Philippine Places: Lakawon Island | Spilling my own thunder

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