Lakbayan – How much of the Philippines have you visited?

June 20, 2007 at 3:36 pm | Posted in All, Life et al, Philippines, Travel | 5 Comments

LakbayanHow much of the Philippines have you visited?
Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

I first read about Lakbayan at Shari’s I chanced upon it again at Jim Caro’s Blogbastic.

I want to laud Eugene Villar for coming up with this cool site. This is a good measure of how well-travelled one is in the Philippines.

I am a C Philippine traveller. I have been to places all over Luzon. having lived in Manila for 15 working years, I had the opportunity to explore Luzon more than the Visayas islands where I came from. Thanks to an ex who let me tag along with him on his business trips and to friends who joined me in my adventures. I grew up in the province of Negros Occidental – the shoe boot shaped island in the Visayas but have never been to the other side, Negros Oriental.

Nevertheless, I am happy to say that I have seen the Philippines (except for Mindanao, never had the opportunity) more than an average Filipino have.

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  1. never been to mindanao yet? if u got a chance, will be appy to accomodate you in Koronadal City 🙂 im serious.

  2. wow, thanks for the offer. we are going to visit my family in the Philippines early next year. If by that time your offer still stands, I will gladly take it. :).

    thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. I got a lousy D but I swear i’ll try to improve that once I have some extra money 🙂

  4. I got an F… lol… but then again, I have a valid excuse because I’ve lived in Canada for almost all my life and I have yet to return to the Philippines. One day, I will.

  5. […] So much has changed since I left Sagay in 1986. I lived with my bro and his family in college and would only go back to Sagay once in a while. I was assigned in Manila for my school’s compulsary industry exposure (OJT) and since then have lived in Manila until I moved to Melbourne. It wasn’t financially practical to visit go home every so often. I may have seen a lot of the Philippines but mostly they were gratis as I have mentioned in this post. […]

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