Winter season makes one a lazy person

June 14, 2007 at 11:37 am | Posted in All, Australia, Blogging, Melbourne, Water, Weather | Leave a comment

I have been a lazy bum this past three or so weeks. Winter in Oz set in early. The last few days of May have been really cold and this week, daily temperature is just over ten degrees. It goes down to 5 deg or below at night. Getting up in the morning is a drag.

This winter feels like a lot colder than the last few years that I have been here. Maybe because then, work is just a few minutes drive from home. I didn’t really have to go out and walk in the open. Whereas now, work has moved close to the city, I have to drive to the train station, have to walk for about ten minutes from where I park to get to the station which incidentally is by the beach. The morning sea breeze is often chilly.

At home, we have been trying to save on energy bills (water, electricity and gas) and have been quite successful. Our electricity bill for the last quarter was cut by almost 50% when we started turning off electrical/electronic appliances at the power point. It is definitely worth turning off appliances than just leaving them on stand-by.

Water and gas have never been an issue as we are very thrifty on the use of these resources. We didn’t even want to use centralised heating this winter BUT, yes you have guessed it, hindi na namin makayanan ang lamig.

So much for saving gas. Naninigas ang katawan ko sa lamig. 😀


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