Dingley Dingoes, my backyard footy heroes

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While I am sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the Dingley Dingoes , a local amateur football club has been slugging it out in our backyard, the Souter Oval. The bell and umpire whistles would wake me up and I would eventually get up and go out the back to have a look at the game and scream to my heart’s content, “come on boys”. I will have no idea of the score as I can not see it from my end but I still scream a cheer for them anyway. I didn’t even know they are on top of the ladder until Shane pointed it out to me. This is how my mornings go on weekends. A cheer or two for the boys would start my day.

Footy is very much a part of me now as is Australia. My love for sports has been fueled to the max ever since I lived here. This is why I love Melbourne and wouldn’t trade it for any place anywhere. At least not now. Sports is a way of life here. Kahit maghapo’t magdamag akong nasa bahay lang, basta may sports broadcast sa TV, ok lang ako.

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Headache, anyone?

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I haven’t been feeling really good lately. I was up to my neck with work until yesterday. Well, now there are still two instruments waiting to be done and I don’t feel like moving. I just want to sit here in my desk and stare at the computer all day. I have a lingering headeache. I had to repair and calibrate an old telecom test instrument which had an intermittent fault. Bangungot (nightmare)that is how we termed a fault when it is very hard to fix, back when I was working in a GE wireless phone manufacturing in the Philippines. *Sigh* hirap talaga kumita ng pera. Glad it’s all done now.

Another reason for my headache is lack of sleep. Shane is bloody snoring! It’s loud enough to wake me up and when that happens I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep right away. During the day, I would feel tired and sluggish, will have headache and can’t think clearly. I am falling aleep even now as I am writing this. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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