Big Aussie Icons

April 17, 2007 at 12:07 pm | Posted in All, Australia, Life et al, Melbourne, Travel | 2 Comments

Australia likes big stuff. There is the big pineapple, big banana, big rock, big rocking horse, the giant koala, big lobster and a lot more. Click here and here to see more of these big things.

Of these biggies, I have seen three which are the giant koala, big rocking horse and the big lobster, on our way to South Australia and coming back to Melbourne.

On the way to SA, we passed by The Big Koala in Dadswell Bridge,Victoria. I wasn’t able to take a photo as we didn’t stop.

Coming back to Melbourne, we took the coastal route and made our first stop at Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia where the Big Rocking Horse is located.

The Big Rocking Horse in Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Later, we made a stop at Kingston Southest, South Australia to have a look and take photos of the Big Lobster.

The Big Lobster in Kingston, South Australia

Aren’t they enormous?

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  1. Now, I keep thinking of Big Lemon and Big Dish of Melted Butter to go with the Big Lobster, LOL. Mmm.

    Oooh, Big Pineapple. That is so cool! If you ever see that, and if you have your camera handy with you, make sure to snap a photo and post it on your blog! 😉

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