Adelaide Escapade

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A last minute decision led us to Adelaide, South Australia during the Easter break. Our original plan was to go to the Great Ocean Road. Brad, hubby’s brother suggested we drive to Adelaide instead. (It would be difficult to book a plane anyway, too late.) As I haven’t been to SA, I jumped on the idea. And since we will be driving, we could also make a few stops along the way and take in the scenery of country Victoria and South Australia. Shane is driving.

On Thursday, I was all over the internet looking for accommodation. Thanks to needitnow we were able to secure hotel rooms at reasonable prices. I couldn’t get accommodation for three consecutive nights in one hotel so I had to make two hotel bookings.


Adelaide, SA is about 700 kms from Melbourne so we expected the drive to be between 7 to 8 hours. We left Melbourne at elevenish on Friday and got to the hotel at around 6:30 pm. Not too bad considering the roads were a bit busy. We were not the only ones who made last minute plans, you know.

We stayed at All Seasons Meridien for the first and last night. The second night was at Chifley at South Terrace.

All Seasons Meridien is in North Adelaide and its facilities include a swimming pool, spa and sauna. The bar/restaurant was good but a bit too pricey for me though I loved the omelette with bacon, cheese and tomato they served for breakie. Yum yum.

welcome.jpgChifley at South Terrace is located in the city. Our room was a bit smaller. There was also a pool and a gym. And the most important of all, great customer service. We were pleasantly surprised to see our names in a welcome board in the reception area. Very personalised. We liked the idea that we are actually thinking of doing the same in Dad’s motel in Euroa. Also, the staff were all friendly and very accommodating.

We spent the whole Saturday exploring Adelaide and its sub-urbs. Adelaide is a beautiful city with a laid back lifestyle. People seemed relaxed.We wandered around the city and later went to Glenelg.

What I noticed about Adelaide is that the sub-urbs are just 10-15 minutes away from the CBD. Another thing, there’s not much rubbish bins in the city but the surroundings are clean and you can rarely find rubbish in the streets. The bins are like 2 kilometres away from from each other. I found this out the hard way. While walking to the casino during the night, I picked up rubbish (softdrink cup) to put to the bin. Seeing the place so clean, I felt compelled to pick it up. We have already been walking for a while but I didn’t find a bi at all unitl we got to the casino. *Sigh* I sort of regretted picking up that rubbish. I was just trying to be a good citizen. Hehe.


Sunday was spent driving to places outside Adelaide. We drove to Mount Lofty, Handorf and to the Barossa Valley for a bit of wine tasting. Handorf is a beautiful place with lots of character in it. It is a very popular place for tourists. We are not really wine drinkers so we only stopped in one place for wine tasting. Chateau Dorrien is not a very popular wine maker but they have this sweet white wine, a Reisling, which we really liked. At $15 per bottle, I bought two. It was a bit of an adventure going back to the city. We didn’t have printed map with us and we followed my Navman but the bloody navigator took us to a dirt road. We had to go back trace our route and start all over again.

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Euroa Motor Inn


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  1. Hello, good to know you guys had a fun Easter. Our trips to Geelong and You Yangs were pretty impromptu too but at least those were just day trips so it wasn’t difficult to organise at all. I had to smile at the welcome sign, that was a simple but fabulous surprise from the hotel’s staff!

    We were thinking of going on a road trip to Great Ocean Road as well, maybe we could organise something.

  2. Hey, that’s a good idea. I’ll bring this up with Shane. We saw Postcards on channel 9 yesterday featuring the Otway ranges. Beautiful scenery.

  3. Nice photo though not that of good of quality but good for you. You get the chance to visit these beautiful places. Anyway, thanks for adding me in your links! It mean so much.

  4. Wow, nice scenery. Good to hear that you had a fabulous vacation! (A little envious, I am… LOL! Still a little bit cold here in Greater Toronto Area). And nice photos in your Flickr (gonna go check them out more fully after commenting).

    Oooh, well, now I know of at least 2 hotels now and I’ll be sure to order the omelette with EXTRA bacon, EXTRA cheese and EXTRA tomato if I do go there. 😉

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