It’s not (just) ANZAC Day, it’s (also) bacon and eggs day…

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I have drafted this on Thursday last week but was not able to post as I have been busy and I don’t really feel a hundred percent this past week. I get so tired so quickly and my motivation to even go to work is near zero. Zilch.

April 25 is a special occasion for Australia. Officially nmaed ANZAC Day in 1916, the date commemorates the landing of the Australia and New Zealand troops in Gallipoli during the World War 1. More here on ANZAC Day.

Commemorative services are held at dawn across the nation. Ex-servicemen and women meet and join the marches throughout the major cities and many other smaller centres.

And since ANZAC DAy is a public holiday, that meant no work and no work means sleeping in. 🙂 I felt sluggish when I woke up at 9’ish and was craving for bacon and eggs. Shane was watching NHL Ice Hockey playoffs Vancouver vs Dallas. I joined him and started blabbering about bacon and eggs. I kept bugging him to go to the supermarket but of course he can’t be bothered. If hockey is on, he is glued to the TV. Nothing else matters. Bugger. I dont’ want to go myself so I had to wait until hockey finishes.

After a looong wait, he did go to the supermarket only to come back empty handed. The shops were closed and won’t open until 1:00 in the afternoon. (In respect to the ANZACs, shops remain close until midday.) We called mum to check if she has some but unfortunately she doesn’t have bacon, only eggs. She suggested McDonald’sor even the milk bar. (A milk bar is actually a convenient store like 7-Eleven but is called such becasue it used to sell just milk. The name just lived on). Oh yes, Maccas. They must be open today. Even fire does not stop them. Shane said we try the milk bar first but I didn’t want to cook now, just drive to Maccas.

Off we drove to the nearest McDonald’s. Whaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! We’re 15 minutes too late. Breakfast is over! Darn. I need to have that bacon and eggs, and now. Our only chance now is the milk bar. Another five minutes of me whinging in the car and Shane was in the milk bar. He came out with a sheepish smile carrying a bag of eggs and bacon. The bacon was the last ration too. Whew!

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Happy Birthday Dear Darling

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Today is my yummy hubby’s birthday. I would like to wish him many happy returns of the day!



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Big Easter Egg

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Speaking of big things, we got a big surprise from my mum-in-law when we got back from South Australia. Big Easter eggs, one for each of us. I didn’t want to eat mine right away so I displayed it in the coffee table. But I didn’t last long. Can’t help it. It’s chocolate, for heaven’s sake. Chocolates do not last long in our house.

Easter Egg from my mum-in-law

 The wooden figurines beside the egg are from the Philippines. It’s a naughty little decor. If you pull out the tubby part, the woman’s ‘bumper’ will spring up. 🙂 I gave a male version of this to an Aussie female colleague here and she couldn’t stop giggling when she saw it.

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Big Aussie Icons

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Australia likes big stuff. There is the big pineapple, big banana, big rock, big rocking horse, the giant koala, big lobster and a lot more. Click here and here to see more of these big things.

Of these biggies, I have seen three which are the giant koala, big rocking horse and the big lobster, on our way to South Australia and coming back to Melbourne.

On the way to SA, we passed by The Big Koala in Dadswell Bridge,Victoria. I wasn’t able to take a photo as we didn’t stop.

Coming back to Melbourne, we took the coastal route and made our first stop at Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia where the Big Rocking Horse is located.

The Big Rocking Horse in Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Later, we made a stop at Kingston Southest, South Australia to have a look and take photos of the Big Lobster.

The Big Lobster in Kingston, South Australia

Aren’t they enormous?

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