A cup of chai or two or three, keeps my blues away from me

March 28, 2007 at 2:20 pm | Posted in All, Blogging, Glorious Food, Health | 1 Comment

when you wake up in the morning; here’s something to get you going
a cup or two of special chai ; a big smile, oh don’t be shy
smell the aroma of the brew; feel the warmth embrace you
look forward to the day ahead; go for your life, take the lead.


My mother-in-law introduced me to this delightful tea. At first I was a bit sceptic (as always) because I know this is a variety of Indian tea. But it turned out very pleasing. Now I am a convert.

As opppose to what I knew (that chai is an Indian tea variety, pardon the ignorant in me) 🙂 , the term ‘chai’ actually means tea in some South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.. and in the Middle East. Well, it does sound like tsaa, the Tagalog term for tea which was consequently taken from cha, the Chinese term.

Chai is typically prepared by boiling loose tea leaves in a pot with milk, spices and sweetener. Probably the most popular variety is the Indian Spice Tea – which comprises rich black tea, heavy milk and a combination of spices and sweetener. The most common spices used are cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, cloves and pepper. The sweetener which can either be sugar, molasses or honey is a must to bring out the flavor of the spices. The spices produce aroma with warming and soothing effect.

After having dinner with friends last Saturday, we went to a cafe for a night cap. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chai Latte in their drinks menu. From behind the counter, I could smell the aroma of some chai brewing. There were tempting gelatis of all flavors but the chai latte won me. I just couldn’t resist it. I suddenly forgot the study about milk and tea not being good together. 🙂

It’s goodbye cafe latte for now, hello chai latte.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a coincidence… It’s 12:26 AM right now, where I live. I can’t sleep. Winding down… Just visiting some sites (i.e. yours) and returning comments.

    I always have a cup of tea before I go to bed. And it’s always Masala Chai tea! My favourite tea! It’s so warm, comforting and aromatic. It’s the best tea on a cold, dreary day during Canadian winters.

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