World Water Day

March 22, 2007 at 9:42 pm | Posted in All, Australia, Environment | 1 Comment

Today is World Water Day. Yay! I’ve never heard of this before. Read here to know more what this day is all about.

The 2007 theme is aptly called “Coping with Water Scarcity”. This theme fits perfectly with Victoria’s current water supply state. Melbourne is now on Stage 3 water restrictions. Come May 1st, Stage 4 will be enforced if until then there’ll still be no rains. And I mean heavy rains. A smattering of showers here and there will not resolve the situation. Levels at water catchments average at only 30% of the total capacity. It was in the news a few days ago that this is enough to supply Melbourne for only 60 days. After that, paano na?

The scenic Maroondah ReservoirThe Rose Steps leading to the top of the Dam Wall. We went for a short drive to Maroondah Reservoir Park two weeks ago.The Maroondah reservoir is one of the dams supplying water to Melbourne. We took the ‘dam walk’ (the climb from the steps to the bridge atop the wall leading to the dam look-out) to have a good look at the water catchment area. As expected the water level is alarmingly low. The spillway is nothing but rocks and land with some parts cracking due to dryness.

On the weekend, we took the (supposedly) scenic route going to Euroa when we visited Dad(in-law). We went the back way via Yarra Glen, Yea and Seymour. Yarra Glen is in the heart of Yarra Valley, the wine producing region of Victoria and home to the popular De Bortoli Wines. This is a scenic route if only the views are green and living. The surrounding hills and mountains are brown with patches of green instead of the other way around.

In inland country towns like Mansfield and Euroa, water is being tankered from the Goulburn River. Big trucks that used to transport milk now transport water instead.

At home, we are doing our bit in saving water. Our cars do not get washed anymore. I have made a big personal sacrifice by not washing my hair everyday. I do it only twice a week now. I say this is big becasue I am used to having shower and shampooing my hair every day. Back in the Philippines, I even take shower twice a day- in the morning and at night. It takes a bit of getting used to but I’m coping so far. My head feels a bit heavy sometimes though. (Not sure if this has something to do with not washing my hair but I sure feel light and refreshed after a full shower.) I’m also trying to get hubby to have quick shower. He’s not very good at taking short-cuts but he is learning.

Literally everyone in Melbourne (or Victoria as a whole) is anxious for rain. We all could use some heavy downpour. Hey, I might even bathe in it. If only it will come.

The sooner it comes, the better for all of us.

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  1. Wow, those are nic photos. Gorgeous scenery.

    Yeah, I too try to do my part in conserving water (installed special shower heads, etc.) and eneryg (CFLs) + recyling. People really need to make more of an effort in respecting this world. One Earth.

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