Night at the Museum – the movie

January 10, 2007 at 5:46 am | Posted in All, Films/Theatre | 4 Comments

We went to see the movie Night at the Museum with no great expectations at all. I know this movie is for kids. But as it turned out, we enjoyed it. The movie was funny.My favorite line in the movie is when Ben Stiller was asked about his “snapper” invention. He said, “Yeah, I’m just waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea.” I thought it’s clever.

Night at the Museum is an adaptation from a children’s book of the same title by Milan Trenc.


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  1. Oh, I’m not a huge tea drinker, but when I do drink it, I take it black.

  2. Yes, as a user, I don’t like visiting a site that pops up windows for every link. Very annoying.

    Used in moderation, I guess it’s ok.

  3. Well, here where I live, just an hour outside Toronto, ON (Canada), we just got our real first snowfall of the winter. I had to use both the snowblower and snow shovel this time… and I’m still recovering from the cold. Oh, my arms.


    So, regarding your ‘exchange links’ request… Yes, ok! 🙂 I’ve just added you to my links.

  4. My entire career depends on me being connected to the Internet as I’ve been work at home for the last year now (my choice). I get project parameters and all my communications via the phone and my computer being connected to networks. Even meetings are done via video/voice conferencing.

    … so yes, that’d be a bummer if there was no electricity all of sudden.

    Then where would I be? I guess I could always live on the beach, build sandcastles and panhandle for change. Heh.

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