January 4, 2007 at 5:01 am | Posted in All, Games | 4 Comments

I have learned a new game this holiday break, the Yahtzee. Our usual poker game with two Brads (Shane’s bro and bestfriend), became a Yahtzee game. It is fun but doesn’t involve skill at all. It’s all luck.

And my luck sucks.


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  1. I think tea is not especially popular with us Filipinos and we usually take it black. I only learned to add milk to my tea when I moved here in Australia.

  2. that’s right.

  3. Melbourne’s weather is crazy. It could be stinking hot in one minute and freezing cold the next. Yesterday and today was a nice 20C with cool breeze.a

  4. i think i could live without the internet, but without basic electricity service? dunno.

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