Forced my way in

October 24, 2006 at 11:09 pm | Posted in All, Australia, Life et al | Leave a comment

The sales guys at work are attending a seminar today. They wouldn’t be back until lunchtime. So yesterday, I was asked to be at work early today. And so early did I come. I arrived at 8:40 and happily unlocked the security door and punched the alarm code in. But when I get to the reception door, it was locked. Oh no. I don’t have a key to this door. We always leave this door unlocked but when I am left alone in the office, we lock this door for my security. Yesterday the new sales guy left early so he locked this door for me. I was the last to leave so I must have unknowingly locked it somehow when I left. Unless, someone came back last night and locked the door upon leaving. But no, the guys wouldn’t do that. They have never done that. They knew I don’t have a key to this door. It can only be me. I have done this before. Doors, keys and me do not go together.

I stepped back and think of what to do. I can’t call any of the guys.There are two doors leading to the office, one from the reception and the other from the service store. The latter is always locked as we use it only for courier deliveries and pick-up. Above it there is a small opening which I thought my body would fit in if I crawl. But it’s high, I would need a ladder or a high chair to reach it and even if I get through it I wouldn’t be able to pull myself down carefully on the other side. I have to jump. Nope, that’s not an option.

I tried my house keys hoping for a miracle. Not today. Then I used an old trick. Using a card (like an ATM or credit card) to pry open the door by forcing the lock of the door knob to retract. But the reception door is designed to counter this trick. The door itself and the wall overlaps so it is impossible to insert the card between the gaps. Well the service door is not. There is a 5mm gap and if only I can slide the card in. But no, the flat side of the lock was facing me so I won’t be able to slide the card in.

I’m not giving up, I have to get inside. And soon. It’s either I have to climb and get through the small opening or find another way.

I inspected the service door again and an idea came into my mind. Yes, that’s it. I know what to do now. I would need something like a screw driver or a wire that is small enough to fit in the gaps. I will insert it in the gap and pull it towards me to force the lock to retract. But first I need the tool. I got nothing in my bag or even in my car. Or so I thought. After rummaging through my bag and found nothing, I went to my car not expecting anything but I found the perfect tool. In the boot of the car lies an S-hook. I must have put it there when we were moving. Lucky.

So armed with my tool, I tried again and viola! open sesame, I’m in.

Whew! Pwede na ako maging si McGiba.

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