Philip Island Day Trip

October 23, 2006 at 6:03 am | Posted in All, Australia, Travel | 2 Comments

After a month’s planning, our group had another get-together last Saturday. We had a day trip to Philip Island. There were 30 of us divided into ten cars. I had three passengers including hubby who was the designated driver but unfortunately got sick the day before.

Our first stop was the Esplanade in Cowes where we had barbeque/lunch. Everyone contributed food, there was so much. The sisig was particularly good and I gorge a bit on bangus (milkfish). I haven’t had bangus for a long time now. I don’t cook this at home unless it is deboned (boneless) because Shane wouldn’t eat it with bones.We then went to Amaze’N Things a little later. Amaze’N Things is a theme park which features a maze, illusion rooms and mini-golf among others. Shane and I weren’t keen on going inside to the maze and illusion rooms so we decided to stay outside and play mini-golf instead. The course was a bit hard. We played some holes quite well while others disastrously that I didn’t keep track of our scores. But it was good fun. I love mini-golf as opposed to the real game.

Next stop was the Koala Conservation Centre which is just across the Amaze’N Things. A few Koalas and a lot of photos later we were out and heading for the Nobbies for the sunset. From Nobbies one can see the biggest fur seals colony in the Southern Hemisphere. It was freezing cold. Another round of eating and then a trek down the boardwalk to see the sunset which was a bit too late already. Later on, the guard even asked us to move out. 🙂

It was starting to get dark when we headed back. On the road, we saw a lot of Wallabies. Unlucky for me, I almost hit one. It was sitting on the edge of the road to my left. I slowed down and as I get closer to it, it didn’t move so I swerved to the right to avoid it but it must have been mesmerized by the headlights that it jerked to the car’s direction. I wasn’t really sure if I hurt the poor animal but my back passengers said it looked ok as it jumped back into the woods.

It was a long but enjoyable day. Good to see friends again.


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  1. hehehe… of course he knows, huli na nga lang 🙂

  2. hehehe….

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