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Finally, I got my driver’s license. Took the test at Frankston Vicroads yesterday and whoa! I didn’t only pass the test, I did it with no mistakes at all. Zero, nada, wala. Ahhh, I’m rapt and so was my driving instructor.It is a bit embarassing but I have to admit this was my third try. The first time I failed was because of speeding and on the second time, I made one too many mistakes.

I have a Philippine driver’s license but it does not really mean anything to me. It was just one form of identification. Even a blind or a disabled person can have driver’s licence in the Philippines. But here in Australia, it is ONE BIG DEAL. It is a right to passage. You have to pass 2 sets of computer based exams and the actual driving test.

I have gone through three different driving instructors. I dumped the first one because he came across as too fresh and a bit too forward. I hated it when he would “accidentally” touch my legs a few times during lessons. The second one was too silent. He would just sit and tell me what to do, ie, turn left, turn right and would not even comment much on my driving skills. He was supposed to be there to guide me and help me improve my skills. The one thing I remember him saying though is, to quote him, “Your driving is not too bad. We should make a booking for your test now.” And so on that premise, I took the test with him and failed, twice.

I am not blaming him why I failed because I was the one driving after all but his judgment of my skills I think should have been more accurate.

After two failed attempts, I already felt too discouraged to drive. I was even contemplating on selling my car. It’s very unlikely of me, pero talagang pinang-hinaan na ako ng loob. Then my mum-in-law suggested I try the Road Runner Driving School. I was pessimistic. For several weeks I didn’t do anything about it. I decided to go for lessons again on the second week of July, this time, heeding mum’s suggestion to try Road Runner. And the rest is history.

I would like to give credit to my driving instructor for helping me improve my driving skills and build my confidence. To Mr. Trevor O’connor, thank you very much. You are what you claim you are.

I am happy to have a full license now because that would mean a bit more independence for me. I do not have to bother Shane anymore whenever I’m going out especially when he too, has some place else to go.


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  1. Should I be scared that I knew about the existence of these tidbits on the wrapper before you did? 😉

  2. Choc,

    Why did you not thank me!!!!!!!


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