Hugh Jackman – The Boy From Oz

August 21, 2006 at 2:13 am | Posted in All, Australia, Films/Theatre, Melbourne | 3 Comments

I first saw Hugh Jackman in the movie Kate and Leopold opposite Meg Ryan. (I didn’t know then that he is Aussie, and from Melbourne at that!) From then on, I have been a big fan of his. I have watched every movie he did, from X-men (all three, of course!) to Swordfish to Van Helsing. He is such a consummate actor.He played the title role in the play, The Boy from Oz (Peter Allen’s story) and won an Oscar for it.

When I learned of the staging of the play here in Melbourne, I was so excited I was in the ticketek website right away searching for tickets. But during that time, the ticket sales aren’t on the net yet. (It was just announced, the venue wasn’t even known yet :D)

When tickets to the show went on sale, I was a bit disappointed with the prices. The front seats were like $250.00+ and the cheapest was $99.00. Not very affordable for people who do not earn a regular monthly income. So I thought, maybe it would be shown on TV later, or maybe that would come out on DVD. I’ll just wait for that.

On my birthday on the 9th, Shane surprised me with tickets to the show. And with very good seats! I was rapt.

We went last Saturday in the matinee show. Rod Laver Arena was packed to capacity as expected. People were as excited as me.

The show opened with Hugh, wearing a glittering silver outfit, descending from high above posing on top of a white piano. Rod Laver Arena exploded into an endless, huge applause.

Hugh was such in Peter Allen’s character that watching him can make you think, is he or isn’t he? As the world knows, Peter Allen is gay. Hugh was a perfect fit for the role. (I heard Todd McKinney’s portrayal of Peter Allen was good too but I am not a Todd fan, so I will be biased here.)

Not only Hugh’s performance was an Ace, I was also impressed with the performance of Angela Toohey as Liza Minnelli. I was almost in tears when she sang “I’d rather leave while I’m in love” in a scene where she was saying goodbye to Hugh (Peter, that is).

At one point in the show, Hugh came to the audience and picked one to dance with him. The guy he chose playfully danced with him. That was hilarious. He came close to where we were seated but not close enough for me to touch him. 😦 For a minute, I was in Hugh dreamland, as Shane would later put it. 😀

Tickets weren’t cheap but the show was worth every penny spent. Hugh Jackman was effortless. He held every minute of his audience attention, whether in a solo number or at the centre of a riveting spectacle like I Go To Rio.

Peter Allen must be happy from where he is right now.


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  1. hehehe.. totoo ka.

  2. ewan ko ba. halos lahat ng kakilala kong Aussie, naiilang din.

  3. Yun din nga sabi sa akin ng mga nakakalam :). Kya siguro ganun na lang ang pag pupursige ko na di lang basta makapasa, kundi makakuha ng higher pass mark.pag settled na kami sa bagong lilipatan namin, makakapaglakwatsa na ako ng husto 🙂

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