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August 18, 2006 at 3:01 am | Posted in All, Australia, Blogging, Life et al | 1 Comment

Grabe. Parang trumpo ako ngayong buwan na ‘to. Ang daming nagkakasabay-sabay. Ang daming trabaho ngayon at maglilipat kami ng bahay sa katapusan kaya abala din ako sa pag-i-empake. Haay, pakiramdam ko, nalalanta ako. :-(There, I’m done ranting. Time to get on with life.

As the title implies, this post is about internet sites I visit regularly. This is inspired by GJ’s recent post on their palabok.com site , “What books?”. I kinda like the idea so I’m pirating it here though in a different subject, internet sites.

So here they are.

1. Palabok – This is my lunch time favorite. I never miss a post. GJ and Raquel are friends of mine and I look forward to their post everyday. It’s my way of keeping in touch with them. 😀

2. Writing on Air – This is Jim Paredes’ blogsite. Jim is a popular celebrity back in the Philippines. he is part of the singing group Apo Hiking Society. He has moved to Sydney, Australia just recently.

3. Inquirer – This is one of the sites I visit to keep abreast with what is happening back in the Philippines.

4. Philstar – The same as Inquirer.

5. AFL – As I am a footy fan, I check this site from time to time to read news and find updates on Aussie Rules footy.

6. Essendon – This is my beloved Bomber’s official site. I get updates of what’s news with my team from this site.

7. Cyril Anne’s Blog – Cyril is my neice. Though she does not update her site regularly, I make it a point to check it out when she has a new post.

8. Australian Poker League – I am a member of APL so I check this for weekly updates of the on-going tournament.

9. Arbiter Solutions – This is work. I am managing an online tracking system form this site, so obviously I can not get away from it. 😀

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  1. hahaha! you mean, makalibra ka rin? joke….

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