Wazz up, wazz up!

July 23, 2006 at 8:27 am | Posted in All, Games, Life et al | 2 Comments

Can’t leave this journal to rot, I have to write something.- Been very busy at work in the past two weeks, it’s crazy. Work is coming in left, right and centre. It would likely be another week before I can sit for a long time in front of my pc at work. That is, if work stops coming in.

– Went to Copacabana last night with Janine, Ramille and some of their friends. The place was packed as there was a show. We had to stand on the side for a good two hours. A latin band called Peligro was playing. They were good but Shane and I thought the music were all the same. It would at first start different but in the middle would sound the same. Was it just us or the music was really monotonous? Then there ware the Brazilian showgirls who danced to Salsa and Lambada and their men counterparts did some breakdancing. The crowd seemed so enthused with the performers. They were good but not to Janine and mine’s taste. 🙂 This is mainly because we have seen a lot of performances like these in the Philippines and boy, pinoy dancers are good. The Sexbomb girls and the Streetboys would give them a run for their money. But anyway, we went there to dance and enjoy, so we did. With my brand new dancing shoes, I danced till my feet ached.

– I have taken my love for the game of poker one step higher. Well, I’m not playing in the casino for real money but I have joined the Australian Poker League. APL holds poker games everyday in different venues all over Australia . It is free to join and play but there are actually prizes for the top 3 players. I started playing last Wednesday (19/07) at the Cheltenham/Moorabbin RSL club. There were over a hundred players and I was unfortunate to be taken out early in the game. I played again today and out of the 56 players, I finished fifth. Not too bad for a second timer. Currently, I am at the top 42 players of the venue. I will keep on playing and have a shot at the championships. Wish me luck….


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  1. haay, sana nga. feeling ko, mas mag-eenjoy ako dyan.


  2. i tried re-haeting the donuts in the microwave for 10 seconds, just enough to soften it a bit, I actually find it nicer than when it is cold. 🙂

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