So where the bloody hell are you?

March 10, 2006 at 1:51 pm | Posted in Australia, TV | Leave a comment
“So where the bloody hell are you?”

This is the slogan used by Tourism Australia in an advertising campaign promoting Australia in other countries. In Britain, the ad was banned from airing in televisions. Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre would not alolw the word “bloody” to be used in TV versions of the ad. But print ads and cinema campaign will not be censored.

So what the bloody hell does the word “bloody” mean?

I have heard this a few times in movies, (in Harry Potter movies, Ron said bloody hell a few times), and read it in books especially from Brit authors.

Dictionarydotcom defines the word as :adj: 1. stained with blood; 2. of, characteristic of, or containing blood; adv: used as an intensive.

From Wikipedia : Bloody is the adjectival form of blood but may be also used as a swear word or intensifier/expletive.

The use of the word in the ad could be interpreted as a swear word or an expletive. As an expletive, it does not contribute to any meaning but rather suggests the strength of the feeling of the speaker. The speaker is simply emphasizing what she is saying.

I think it depends on how a viewer take it. Still, it should NOT be aired at times where children can see it.

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