Poker, anyone?

March 8, 2006 at 3:03 am | Posted in Games | Leave a comment

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has tremendously gained popularity in Australia ever since Joe Hazchem won the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship. A staggering US$7.5 million was his prize money. Note that there are a few versions of poker but Texas Hold’em is the most popular of all and a favorite for poker tournaments.

But before Joe bacame a household name, poker was already around. The World Poker Tour is aired on Foxtel’s Fox8 channel and ESPN carried World Series of Poker. Channel 10 later followed by airing on Saturday nights, Joker Poker held at the Star City Casino in Sydney. At the moment, Fox 8 is showing the Australian Celebrity Poker held at the Crown Casino.

Playing cards is a common interest between Shane and I. I learned to play gin rummy online from him. He also taught me UNO which we played during lunch hour back in our old jobs. I can play 41, pares-pares (these are pinoy card games) but not tong-it, which is popular in Manila.

Anyways, we got interested in poker when we saw WPT and WSoP on tv. We bought a poker chip set which by then was still a bit expensive. After Joe’s conquest of the World Series of Poker, the fever soared. Poker chip sets were everywhere and were selling like pancakes.

We played at home with friends while at the same time learning the rules. A few weeks on, Shane’s friend Brad bought a more expensive and professionally looking chip set which he complemented later with a poker table. We keep his chips and table at home for us to use anytime.

Later on, I found Party Poker, an online poker gaming website where you can play poker against anyone around the world for free or using real money to bet. I have installed the game and has since been playing online, using play money, of course.

It’s my boredome beater.

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