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I have been driving (on an L-plate) for almost a year now. I feel I am already confident of my driving skills so I decided to go for my licence.I had the actual driving test yesterday at 3:30 pm which according to my driving instructor was not a very good time because it is still schoolhours.

Before the actual test, we practiced driving around Oakleigh where the test would take place. My instructor was praising me for not making any mistakes and said I should easily pass the test.

Now comes the test. I didn’t feel nervous at all. When we got to Bald Hill Park, the testing officer instructed me to turn right at the end of the street. The road was a 50 kph zone and we were like 500 metres away from where I have to do the turn . Just before we reached the end of the street, the testing officer told my instructor to turn the buzzer off and pull-over. When we stopped, my instructor said “You failed already”. I was shocked, I said “What?” The testing officer asked me what was the speed limit and I answered it correctly, 50 kph. “Then why are you driving at 55 kph?” she said. Haaaa? It was only then that I realised my mistake.

Overspeedng is an outright failure in driving test. I must have been concentrating too much on the road ahead and maybe I was just too eager to get to the end of the street that I didn’t notice my speed was over the limit.

Ah well, there’s always a next time.

Guitar? No. Dancing? Yes

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I have been looking at buying a guitar so I can start learning again. I already had my eye on Ashton D25 as it is the same as the one I had in Manila. But then, I had to put this aside for the moment due to some financial constraints. I had to send help to the Philippines as my brother’s wife had hydrocephalus and had to have brain operation.So I turned my attention to dancing. Inspired by channel 7’s show, Dancing with the Stars, I began going to dance lessons at Star Studios in Bentleigh. They offer free lessons for beginners every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30-8:30 pm. I went to my second class last night. So far, I have learned the basics of Barn Dance, Cha-cha-cha, Modern Waltz and Merengue. It’s fun learning all these dances. It’s not as hard as I thought. The instructors are friendly too. And you can come alone, no need for a partner.

There is a social dance after the lessons. It costs $10 to join but the fee is all worth it if you want to practice what you have learned.

Dancing is fun and a good exercise too.

So lets’ get dancing.

So where the bloody hell are you?

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“So where the bloody hell are you?”

This is the slogan used by Tourism Australia in an advertising campaign promoting Australia in other countries. In Britain, the ad was banned from airing in televisions. Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre would not alolw the word “bloody” to be used in TV versions of the ad. But print ads and cinema campaign will not be censored.

So what the bloody hell does the word “bloody” mean?

I have heard this a few times in movies, (in Harry Potter movies, Ron said bloody hell a few times), and read it in books especially from Brit authors.

Dictionarydotcom defines the word as :adj: 1. stained with blood; 2. of, characteristic of, or containing blood; adv: used as an intensive.

From Wikipedia : Bloody is the adjectival form of blood but may be also used as a swear word or intensifier/expletive.

The use of the word in the ad could be interpreted as a swear word or an expletive. As an expletive, it does not contribute to any meaning but rather suggests the strength of the feeling of the speaker. The speaker is simply emphasizing what she is saying.

I think it depends on how a viewer take it. Still, it should NOT be aired at times where children can see it.

VCE Exams

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Obviously, there’s nothing to do at work so I have been blogging my day away.

I got this in an email from a colleague. Apparently this is a VCE exams. I thought this is funny. I guess we could always use a little laugh.

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