Queensland Getaway

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(Moved from Friendster blogs, created on18th December 2005)

We have been invited to the wedding of my friends Janine and Ramille on the 17th of December 2005 in Brisbane, Queensland. Since we haven’t had a time off work since I got here in August lastyear, we turned this trip into a holiday too.

We went to Gold Coast, Queensland a week before the wedding. Gold Coast is only about an hour travel (to the south) by train from Brisbane.

Below is my travel journal. This is just day one. I will be posting my other journals in separate blogs.

Day One : 10th December 2005

The Drive : We left home (Cheltenham) at about eight-thirty-ish in the morning for the airport with me on the wheels. We used my car and left it in the long term open car park at the airport. It costed us $75. It was more economical than taking a cab as we would have to pay at least $140 for the cab in coming to and from the airport.

We arrived alive !

The Flight : Check-in was a breeze (Virgin Blue) and the flight to Coolangatta, Gold Coast wasn’t much of a drama. I didnt’ notice the time passing by as I was busy squeezing my brain with Soduku puzzles. The travel time was about two hours.

The Bus Trip : We decided to take the airport shuttle bus instead of hailing a cab from Coolangatta to get to Surfers Paradise where we have booked a hotel. The bus trip was a bit of a nightmare. No, actually, just hilarious :). The 30-minute or so ride turned out to be two hours! First, one tire at the left rear side of the bus blew. We had to disembark and move to another bus. That is after looong minutes of waiting. The second bus arrived, thought we’d already be ok. Alas! the bus has its own problems- transmission. Apparently, it has troubles on its second gear. D’oh ! Ah well, we’ll get there one day.

The Hotel : After a few phone calls by the driver, we moved yet again to another bus. The third one! Thankfully, no more dramas. We finally got to our hotel, the gorgeous Crowne Plaza in Surfers The_view_from_our_room_3 Paradise. (It is actually located in the border of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.) We were given an ocean view room in the 21st floor as was requested during booking. Cool.

The view from our hotel room was spectacular. We were able to see the ocean, (hence, the ocean view) and all other sights around us. The beach looked so inviting.

The Beach : After af ew moments of rest, we changed and headed for the beach. The long stretchShane_at_the_beach_1 of creamy white sand was simply beautiful. The surf though was always up (at least for me) so it is difficult to just float and play in the water. You could always get slapped by the big waves.

The Weather : Reportedly, it was 26 degrees C. It was just fine except for the high humidity. It was not as humid as Manila but you can certainly feel the change especially if you came from Melbourne where the weather maybe a bit unpredictable, but it seldom gets humid.

T’was a very good day. We were exhausted when we finally retired to bed.

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  1. thanks for the translation.

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