Queensland Getaway Part 2

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((Moved from Friendster blogs, created on 19th December 2005)

Day Two: Seaworld Day (Sunday, 11th December 2005)

We woke up to a beautiful morning. The sun was up before 5:00 o’clock! Had a cup of coffee, then went down to the beach for a walk, a loooong walk. Shane loves to walk in the beach. Me? Well….

Back to the hotel, we had a swim in the pool for a few minutes then back to the room again to have breaky and prepare for our Seaworld trip. I was looking forward to see the seals, dolphins, and the new residents of Seaworld, a pair of orphaned Polar Bears. Wonder how they survive in a subtropical place.

Time to catch the bus to Seaworld. It’s not very far from Surfers Paradise at all. When we get there, it was already hot.

Below are some of the photos we have taken.


At the entrance.

Img_1179_1A man-made volcano.
This one erupts but I wasn’t able to catch the fire on camera.


The Flume ride.


The Polar bear. This is only six months old and it’s already massive.

Img_1223A Queensland Grouper. The second ugliest fish I have ever seen.Wait till you see the ugliest one. The size of this fish is massive. The photo does not justify it.

One of the seals doing acrobatics during the Seal Show. Seals are funny creatures.

Img_1258The Stone Fish.The ugliest fish I have ever seen. If it is not moving, you wouldn’t say it’s a fish. It blends itself with the rocks.


The dolphins in the Dolphins Show.

At the entrance of the Dolphin Cove where the Dolphin Show is staged.

Stingrays in captivity.


One of the many rides.

One of the many species of starfish.



A view from the chairlift.


This is a lion fish. Another interesting specie.

Shark residents of the aquarium. Another shark specie.

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