My First Snow Adventure

February 7, 2006 at 12:11 am | Posted in Australia, Travel | 1 Comment

(Moved from Yahoo 360, created on 24th August 2005)

I went to my first snow adventure in Mt. Bawbaw on Saturday, the 20th of August 2005 with my friend Janine, her fiancé Ramille and Ramille’s cousin Jun. Shane was supposed to drive us up there but unfortunately he caught a flu on Friday night. He was sick as a dog. So Ramille ended up driving.Snow_1

Mt. Bawbaw is about 2.5 hours drive to the east from Melbourne CBD . It is the closest downhill ski resort from the city.

We took the Princes Highway route as it seemed easier. We left our house in Cheltenham at about 7:00 in the morning. Took Nepean Highway, then Lower Dandenong Road en route to Princes Highway. As Shane mentioned before we left, there is tricky part in Dandenong and we might get lost in there. Alas! He was right. Instead of going straight to Foster Street to get into Princes Highway, we turned right and ended up in Stud Road. I am bad in directions and I can’t read maps so I wasn’t any help at all. Ramille has to pull over to check the Melway with Janine helping him.

After a few Melway pages and u-turns, we managed to get to t highway. From there, the trip went on smoothly.

Janine was a revelation, she can read maps and she doesn’t get carsick!

We got to the top (Mt. Bawbaw Alpine Ski Resort & Village) at around 10:30ish after stopping a few minutes to hire snow chains. The place was already starting to get busy it took us a while to rent walking boots, waterproof pants (which turned out to be not so waterproof) and toboggans.
I expected to see everything in white but this did not happen. The snow was not that much to cover the entire area in white. I wasn’t really overwhelmed or anything but was still happy to finally experience snow. You see, I came from the Philippines where it is always 30 degrees any day of the year.

We rented two toboggans. A toboggan is a long, narrow, runnerless sled constructed of thin boards curled upward at the front end. What we had was made of plastic and there were strings attached in front and at the sides which you can hold when you are sliding.

The tobogganing area was already busy with kids and adults alike enjoying sliding in the snow with their toboggans. After a few minutes of playing with the snow, I had my first toboggan ride or should I say slide. Whoa! I didn’t fall. I made it all the way down. Ang saya-saya! LOL..

We later moved and explored other areas and took lots of photos, went to the café for some chips and tea ( tamang pares ba ‘to? ) and finally headed home at 5:00 PM.

We had a great time.

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  1. Hi Kuyag,

    Can you put this in English? Thanks.

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