Cinderella Man

February 7, 2006 at 12:16 am | Posted in Films/Theatre | 1 Comment

(Moved from Yahoo 360, created on 4th October 2005)

We saw Russel Crowe’s latest movie, Cinderella Man, last night. It is the life story of a boxer from New Jersey named James J. Braddock. The Cindmanmovie is heavy drama with some actions provided by the fight at the ring in boxing matches.

I found the movie very intense and moving. It depicted the lives of poor Americans in the depression era. Actors in the movie were all good. Russel Crowe and Renee Zellwegger’s acting were superb, as always.

There was a scene in the movie where James (Russel) went to the office of the boxing moguls and beg for $18.something to augment the money he got from the emergency relief center to pay for their overdue bills and to get their kids back whom Mae (Renee) sent to her sister as they do not have gas and electricity (and it is winter) in their rented apartment and one of the boys is already sick. I was really moved by that scene. I cried. I got so carried away.

The fight scenes were also intense. I was holding my breath in all the boxing match scenes.

The lighter moments were provided by Jame’s manager cum promoter cum agent cum friend Joe (played by Paul Giamatti). I thought he was good too.

From one to ten, I would give the movie a seven.

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  1. Hi CHOC

    here is the translation just as i sent it to my love, in the Pilipinas


    Dwell in me, like the moth

    inside the flame; like the wick inside

    the lamp; like the hug within

    the child – sprung from our passion!

    Climb, with bruises inside the skin

    and pain which deeply hurts

    my eyes…

    seeing You …

    Dwell inside me,

    my Sweet, such that dawn

    lets us see our God, a child

    and me much like

    a Prince among all men

    right across the universe.

    Here, simply, is our joy.

    Here, simply, is our delight,

    simply and forever


    beckoning home-bred love!

    [turn the ‘me’, the ‘Prince’ into Australia, Your new homeland, for a second reading …..]

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